Recent conditions in Lampung after the earthquake and tsunami disaster

Indonesia as a Pacific Ring of Fire country also does not escape natural disasters. Within a year, the two most destructive natural disasters, tsunamis, occurred in Palu and Banten. Before both of them happened, a potentially tsunami earthquake also occurred in Lombok. The year 2018 is passed with natural disasters in such a way, what about in 2019? We hope that all of us will be sure that next year there will be no more natural disasters.


When the King Learns to Speak Words

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When the King Learns
06 Mei 2019 23:03:27

This is the film that won the highest number of nominees at the 83rd Academy Awards. Of the 24 nominees, The King's Speech won half and made the film See Saw Films and Bedlam Productions dominate the Osc [...]

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