Sacrificial Animal Stocking (THK) is a program to distribute sacrificial animals to poor and remote areas so as to avoid the accumulation of sacrificial meat stocks in one or several regions.

Starting from the program "Spreading 999 Sacrificial Animals" in 1994, THK now has several objectives, namely:
- Developing the potential of sheep and cattle goats in Indonesia
- Empower farmers and procure livestock centers in the area
- Stabilizing the price of sacrificial animals
- Promote sacrificial worship and aqiqah to the wider community in Indonesia.

The existence of Dompet Dhuafa partners in almost all provinces in Indonesia, as well as the target of empowering farmers' programs in the village, is the key to the success of sacrificial distribution to various corners of the archipelago in a short time.

Regional areas that are targeted for distribution of sacrifices are: Lagging regions, Dompet Dhuafa empowerment areas, marginal, inland, natural disaster locations, locations of humanitarian crises and Muslim minority areas.

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